I'd rather be in the sea...

Falmouth to Land’s End: Part 1 - Falmouth to Lizard Point
Day 3: Coverack to Lizard Point [58/58] on Flickr.
Pistil Meadow
I was doing a bit of reading around some parts of the coast path I walked back in April and was surprised to find out that the spot I camped on my last night is in fact the site of a mass grave of 200 bodies. The site is where the crew and passengers from the wrecking of The Royal Anne, a galley frigate which sunk on 10 November 1721 were buried. What makes this more eerie in retrospect was the howling wind that picked up the moment I started pitching my tent at last light and continued to blow all night. I’m quite glad I didn’t know about the significance of the site beforehand.
Upton Towans, Spring 2011 on Flickr. All packed and ready to hoof it round the coast path on the morning I left.
I didn’t quite make it to Land’s End as I’d hoped, a combination of carrying 30kg+ and a lack of food meant I finished short at Gunwallowe, two and a half to three days short of the final destination. I did however manage to walk the entire coast path from Famouth to Gunwallowe, round the entire Lizard peninsula including a massive inland diversion to get round the Helford River. The weather was amazing but the nights were freezing but I managed to clock up 55 miles in three and half days walking which felt like pretty good going to me. Six rolls of film later and I’m excited to see the pictures which will eventually form some sort of photographic journal of the walk. For now, I have other stuff to focus on but I’ll be picking up where I left off sometime in the future to finally reach Land’s End as well as re-walking a few sections of this first leg to shoot some more.
Hugh Tomorrow I step out of my front door and walk the coast path to Land’s End Finally got my bike back on the road so I can now ride to work - Falmouth, March 2012 The Author. Trying my best to not look awkward; I feel far more comfortable the other side of the lens - Falmouth, March 2012 x Emilie on my P30n I couldn’t really ask for a better view to step out from my front door to - Falmouth, February 2012 Choppy, choppy, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. 5’7 Chop Tail, rides like a dream - South Cornwall, February 2012 x Exell on my P30n This past week has brought the worst piss-drivel waves in a long time, in fact this shot from last weekend is as good as it’s been. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon however, with a decent bit of swell showing and hopefully some manageable winds. I’m clinging on for dear life here, if I don’t get wet and salty soon I’m going to have to take up bird watching or something similarly passive as checking swell forecasts several times a day only to be disappointed - South Cornwall Secrets, February 2012 Taking paces and making strides with Josh. One cold day - Falmouth, February 2012 x Exell The place I call home - Falmouth, February 2012 My beloved Pentax MX broke over Christmas and this was the last image I shot with it back at my parents - home sweet, home? I’m currently snapping my way through the first roll of film in a newly acquired P30n, pretty excited to see the results. Looking a bit lazy-eyed eating a pepper - somewhere in south west Portugal, September 2011 x CB